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Personal speakerphone optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

The CHAT 70 is a personal speakerphone that connects to PCs and laptops for rich, full-duplex audio communication with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007. With HDConference audio technologies, the CHAT 70 is the perfect audio peripheral for greatly enhanced collaboration through unified communication.

The CHAT 70 was created by ClearOne to fill the need for a hands-free speakerphone for individuals using Microsoft’s unified communications platform, Office Communications Server 2007. The CHAT 70 is a completely full-duplex speakerphone that delivers superior hands-free audio for Office Communicator 2007 and eliminates the need to be tethered to the PC via a headset. Providing true plug-and-play operation, the CHAT 70 requires no drivers to be installed; just plug it into a USB port and all incoming Office Communicator calls ring on the CHAT 70.


The CHAT 70 has a sensitive microphone that provides 120 audio pickup up to 8 feet away and a large loudspeaker. The CHAT 70 also contains HDConference, the suite of advanced audio technologies that was developed for ClearOne’s market-leading professional audio conferencing products. These technologies deliver crystal-clear audio to participants on both ends of the call, and include:

  • Full-duplex audio performance allows users to listen and speak at the same time without audio cutting in and out
  • Echo cancellation identifies and eliminates acoustic echo to deliver audio that is much more intelligible
  • Noise cancellation samples the ambient room noise and cancels it out for more natural sounding conversations
  • Automatic gain and level controls adjust microphone and speaker levels automatically

The CHAT 70 is a single-purpose device, designed specifically for use with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 and is currently available in the United States and Canada.