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The board has a sheet size equivalent to 4 writing panels – enough space to hold all of the ideas generated during an active meeting. No need to stop and erase; Just keep on writing!

The industry’s first conference phone for the Microsoft Response Point phone system, MAX IP Response Point brings high performance audio to the SMB. MAX IP Response Point contains HDConference audio processing technologies for unrivaled audio performance as well as the ability to daisy-chain up to four phones together, providing better room coverage and control.

The MAX IP Response Point conference phones offer the advanced audio signal processing technologies that were developed for ClearOne’s market-leading professional audio conferencing products. These technologies deliver crystal-clear audio to participants on both ends of the call, and include:

  • Full-duplex audio
  • Distributed Echo Cancellation
  • Noise cancellation
  • First microphone priority
  • Automatic gain and level controls
  • ClearEffect

MAX IP Response Point users can daisy-chain up to four complete phones together in order to provide better audio coverage for larger rooms and U-shaped tables. By linking multiple phones, business users benefit not only from multiple microphones at each phone, but also additional loudspeakers and keypads, providing outstanding full-room coverage and control. With all phones connected, the entire system can be operated using the dial pad of any single phone.

Microsoft Response Point

Microsoft Response Point is a small business Internet Protocol (IP) phone system that supports both voice over IP (VoIP) and traditional analog phone lines and includes a voice-activated user interface. Visit Microsoft’s Response Point portal for more information. Currently, the Response Point system runs on hardware available from Aastra, D-Link, and Syspine. The MAX IP Response Point is compatible with all three hardware systems and is the only conference phone available in the market today for the Response Point system.