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The all-new PLUS Captureboard allows your meetings to be dynamic,creative and productive. Your meeting attendees can make points and provide more input by adding their comments to the writable screen. When the meeting is over,you can take it all with you by saving the contents to your computer. Forget about taking notes and focus on getting the best results.


Both the projected image and written contents on the screen are saved in a file.

  • The Projected image on the screen and contents handwritten with color markers are combined by Captureboard software. Saved as JPEG or PNG.
  • Many advantages such as while presentation data is projected on a screen, write down corrections and final draft can be saved as a meeting log. It is easy way to share information.
  • Two wide screen surfaces (change by scrolling) for more writing space.

Easy Operation

  • Just connect a computer, projector and the Captureboard. As activate the software, a simple operating icon will appear on the computer monitor.
  • (Circle) mark” will appear on each corner of the projected image. By tracing these �? (circle) marks” by one of markers, projected image size and position will be recognized. Then just click the Scan icon to save the combined image.

New dual-purpose sheet for projection and writing.

  • The screen of the Captureboard is using newly developed materials which minimize reflection and blink of the light from a projector. The projected image and letters on the Captureboard are very clear to read, so it creates a comfortable experience for the meeting attendees.
  • By using new PLUS eraser and whiteboard markers, it is possible to write and erase without any messy dust.

Other Features

Usage of LEDs; long life and low energy consumption Compatibility with RoHS regulation (Restriction of Hazardous Substances