Print Friendly

A compact, light and ultra-slim Copyboard perfect to keep by your desk or in small meeting areas. Ideal for brainstorming alone or in small groups.

Working in a team

Often words aren’t enough to get your ideas across. Don’t let that stop you! With the CR-5 you can create a visual representation of your ideas. When you’re done, make a print and use it as a reference. This saves your teammates from taking notes, allowing them to give their full attention to the meeting.

Working with your manager

When you’re just talking, things can be unclear and vital information can be forgotten. By writing out important information on the CR-5, you can share information visually and avoid mistakes. You can also send information directly by email-perfect for multi-department projects.

Features :

  • Width of the board : 1000mm/40inches
  • Stylish and Compact design
  • Number of Panels : 2panels
  • Hand-scrollable sheet
  • Save to USB memory stick(Color inkjet printer is connectable)
  • Save to computer
  • Security
  • Disable to save to USB memory stick
  • Disable to save to computer