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The board has a sheet size equivalent to 4 writing panels – enough space to hold all of the ideas generated during an active meeting. No need to stop and erase; Just keep on writing!

Key Features

  • Modern colors to add a touch of class to your meeting area.┬áTurn an open area into a true meeting area. This color goes perfectly with sophisticated furniture and creates a meeting area that people will gravitate toward.
  • The loop formation sheet allows you to make more writable room with your hand without interrupting your discussions.
  • Use magnets to stick drawings and the like onto the board. (This is the first sheet-type Copyboard with this function.)
  • Simple-designed control panel allows you to operate intuitively.
  • The scan noise has been reduced from 50dB to 43dB. No more noisy scanning disrupting your discussion or train of thought.
  • Previous boards have used 40W during operation and 5W during stand-by. The new series uses only 12W during operation and 3W during stand-by instead. You won’t find a more energy-efficient board than this!
  • The board is accessible via a web browser – no need for a USB memory stick or computer to save information. You can now simply view your information over a network.
  • The USB port is front-facing making it easy to insert your USB memory stick. At a glance you can see which way to insert the USB memory stick. A 1GB USB memory stick will hold around 4800 pages.
  • Save in PNG, JPEG or PDF formats. View the file on your computer, attach it to an email or paste it into a document.
  • Configure the security settings in the browser. You can disable the ability to save information to a USB memory stick as well as to a computer.