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The No. 1 best selling Electronic Copyboard in Japan is now slimmer, faster and packed with more functions.

Introducing the world thinnest Electronic Copyboard.

The M-18, thinner than ever!

Now width of the M-18 is almost half of the previous model. Incredibly thin M-18 can be neatly wall-mounted saving your meeting space.

The Eco-Friendly Design with the lowest power consumption

The M-18 achieved the lowest power consumption in the industry (M-18S: 12W in Operation). This contributes to both your cost and environments. The M-18 is the most Eco-Friendly designed Copyboard of your choices.

Simple PC Connection

Simply connecting your computer to the board via USB cable allows you to save the contents on the board to your computer. No software is required. Now both PC and Mac are compatible with the M-18 Series!


As the USB port for the USB Memory Stick is located in the front position of the board. Therefore, it is so easy to insert the USB Memory Stick.

Key Features

  • Two writing surfaces
  • Save to a USB memory stick in color
  • Save to and operate from your computer
  • Print directly from the board in color
  • Hand scrolling supported
  • Installation make easy