Print Friendly

The board has a sheet size equivalent to 4 writing panels – enough space to hold all of the ideas generated during an active meeting. No need to stop and erase; Just keep on writing!

Key Features

  • No more stopping to save and erase-keep everything and go back to what you wrote earlier with a single touch.
  • The loop formation sheet allows you to make more writable room with your hand without interrupting your discussions.
  • Color scanning now takes only 15 seconds – 35% faster than previous model.
  • The scan noise has been reduced from 50dB to 43dB. No more noisy scanning disrupting your discussion or train of thought.
  • Simple-designed control panel allows you to operate intuitively.
  • You can set the Copyboard to scroll through the sheet when you turn it off – no more forgetting to erase.
  • Previous boards have used 40W during operation and 5W during stand-by. The new series uses only 12W during operation and 3W during stand-by instead. You won’t find a more energy-efficient board than this!
  • The board is accessible via a web browser – no need for a USB memory stick or computer to save information. You can now simply view your information over a network.
  • You can shrink your 2 to 4 writing panels of information to a thumbnail image and print it all on one page.
  • With a USB cable connection, save your information straight to your computer. No special software is needed, the board is compatible with all operating systems, and only one page of data is saved for added security. When you remove the USB cable, your data will be automatically erased from the board’s memory.