Print Friendly

This model can take 65 sheets at once and can shred media such as CDs and DVDs, as well as credit cards.

Cutting Method: Cross Cut

It good for big amount of feedings, documents can be disposed of powerfully quickly. Waste becomes compressed more up to many paper amount to put in. It would be used power from a motor efficiently, without waste blocked between cutters, according to the cutter which hollowed cylindrical steel.

Zero Energy Consumption : Auto Power Cut Off

Power shuts down automatically after 5 minutes of idle operation, stand-by power consumption is cut down to 0W.

Gradation lamp

“Gradation Lamp” announces users proper amount of feeding by changing color gradually in order to prevent from paper jam by overfeeding.

Fan Press

Instructions & Specifications

Rotating Fan presses shredded paper and levels it evenly in the bin.This mechanical function saves manual operation

Easy Repair Unit

With an “Easy repair unit” , it enables dealers on the spot repairing in a short time without returning to the factory.